Information for Residency

Application Guideline

  1. I. National Science and Technology Council established "Taiwan Tech Arena South” in Zone C of Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City (SGESC) (Sixth Floor, Cyber Security & Smart Technology R&D Building), and authorized the operations team to recruit and coach startup companies or teams and enterprises, also assist them to obtain commercial cooperation, fundraising and accelerated business growth.

  2. II. The target for counseling of this guidelines refers to those who are engaged in smart technology, precision health, and Net-Zero & Circular Tech related fields and match one of the following qualifications:

    (I)  Startups:

    1. A company has been registered for less than 8 years and is willing to commercialize products or services through empirical evidence.

    2. A new startup team selected by the government agency related business plan or competition.

    (II) Enterprises:

    A company is willing to cooperate with startup companies or teams to upgrade and transform their products or services.

  3. III. Lease Period:

    “Startup” is limited to two years. The company can apply for a one-year extension if necessary; “Enterprise” is limited to three years. The company can apply for a maximum three-year extension if necessary.

  4. IV. Leased Field:

    (I) There are two types of space: "private office" and "co-working space". The charging standards are as follows.

    (II) Those who have been approved to rent a co-working space or private office can apply for company establishment or move-in registration.

  5. V. Applicant Review:

    (I) The applicant review is conducted immediately upon request. The review team of the National Science and Technology Council will invite experts and scholars in related fields to discuss together. Startup companies or teams and enterprises should attend the meeting and make a briefing statement. The review team must have more than two-thirds of the members present, and more than one-half of the present members must pass and notify the National Science and Technology Council to agree. However, those who meet one of the following five qualifications will be reviewed in writing by the review team and will not be required to attend the briefing:

    a. Teams coached by TTA.

    b. The company intends to apply for innovation experiments (commonly known as regulatory sandbox) or 5G private network application plans to the competent authority of the target business.

    c. The company was selected as a winning team by relevant plans of the National Science and Technology Council or relevant innovation and entrepreneurship competitions of other government agencies.

    d. The company won national awards (such as the medium-sized enterprise award, the National Award of Outstanding SMEs, etc.).

    e. Listed companies, global top 500 companies.

    (II) Review Items:

    1. 1. Startups:

      (1) Technology or product or service innovation

      (2) Team professionalism

      (3) Business model feasibility

      (4) Market potential

    1. 2. Enterprises:

      (1) Specific plan for investing in a startup or cooperating with a startup after stationing.

      (2) Business plan innovation and integrity.

      (3) International market competitiveness.

      (4) Revenue and profitability.

    (III) The members of the review team and invited experts and scholars who are involved in the application for stationing should abide by the Confidentiality and Avoidance of Conflict of Interest guidelines in reviewing awards and subsidies by the National Science and Technology Council.

  6. VI. Those who have agreed to move into a co-working space or private office shall complete the contract signing and move-in and other related matters within 45 days, and abide by the relevant management regulations of the base.

  7. If you have any questions, please contact us: +886-6-3032369.

Documents for Applicants

Those recruited in compliance with the guidelines should prepare the following documents for the initial review of stationing into a co-working space or a private office. If the documents are incomplete, they must be supplemented and corrected within a time limit upon notice. If the documents are not supplemented and corrected within the time limit, the documents will be returned.

Download file

1. Business plan (can be presented in word or PPT format)

2. The declaration statement must be uploaded with the seals of the company and company owner

3. Applicants who are eligible for “Enterprises” must provide financial statements for the latest period

The charging standards for co-working space and private office

  1. I. Co-working Space: open-seating rent, priced at NT$2,000/month including tax; office booth rent, priced at NT$2,500/month including tax (both of the above include management fee, water fee, and electricity fee).

  2. II. Private Office:

    1. (I) Rent: In order to reduce the operating costs and risks of start-up companies or teams and enterprises in the initial business with reference to the charging standards of neighboring venues, the price is NT$600/month including tax (not including public facilities).

      (II) Management fee: Priced at NT$130 per ping month (including public facilities).

      • (III) Water fee (including general and sewage treatment): share the cost according to the number of people / person-month.

        1. Electricity fee (including the sum of three items: rented space electricity fee, central air-conditioning electricity fee and public space electricity fee):

          • (1) Electricity fee for rented space: a. Space quipped with an independent electric meter is charged according to the electricity meter; b. Space equipped with shared electric meter is charged according to the proportion of the rented area.

          • (2) Electricity fee for central air-conditioning: a. Space quipped with an independent electric meter is charged according to the electricity meter; b. Space equipped with shared electric meter is charged according to the proportion of the rented area.

          • (3) Electricity fee for public space: Charged according to the proportion of the rented area.

  3. III. This base provides company registration or move-in services, and the related tax expenses (house tax, land price tax) derived from the establishment or move-in shall be borne by itself according to the number of used pings.

  4. IV. The above-mentioned related rates per ping per month may be reviewed and adjusted at any time and announced.

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