Information for Residency

Applicant Qualification

Applicant Qualification

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Business administration number

Company date of establishment

Company registered address

Correspondence address

Company phone number

Registered capital

Owner’s information

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Owner’s phone number

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Contact person’s information

Contact person’s name

Job title

Contact person’s phone number

Contact person’s E-mail *for login purpose

Venue Demand

Space category

Space size (m²) / number of seats

“*For those select co-working space do not fill in this field”

Number of people stationed

people stationed

Scheduled stationing period

Move-in date

Move-out date

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If there are documents that need to be supplemented later, please submit the form first, and then log in with “Contact person’s E-mail” and “Business administration number” later to upload additional documents.

Business plan

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The declaration statement

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Financial statements for the latest period*Required only for enterprise

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